IMU-P Industrial

IMU-P Industrial

IMU-P Industrial by Inertial Labs, is a new generation Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) of compact size (39 x 45 x 22 mm), low weight (70 gram) and high performance.


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IMU-P Industrial by Inertial Labs, is an advanced MEMS sensors based, compact, self-contained strapdown, tactical grade Inertial Measurement Systems and Digital Tilt Sensor. It measures linear accelerations, angular rates, Pitch & Roll with three-axis high-grade MEMS accelerometers and three-axis tactical grade MEMS gyroscopes. Angular rates and accelerations are determined with high accuracy for both motionless and dynamic applications.

The IMU-P Industrial is a breakthrough, fully-integrated inertial solution that combines the latest MEMS sensors technology.

Fully calibrated, temperature compensated, mathematically aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system, IMU demonstrates less than 1 deg/hr gyroscopes and 0.005 mg accelerometers bias in-run stability with very low noise and high reliability.

Continuous Built-in Test (BIT), configurable communications protocols, electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection, and flexible input power requirements make the Inertial Labs IMU-P easy to use in a wide range of higher order integrated system applications.

The IMU-P Industrial is factory fully-calibrated and compensated over its operating temperature range.

IMU-P Industrial is a cost-effective, ITAR-free solution for systems that only had FOG’s as an alternative when reaching for the performance level that IMU-P offers.


Key Features of IMU-P

• ITAR-free
• Same mechanical & electrical interfaces as STIM-300
• Affordable price
• 1 deg/hr gyroscopes Bias in-run stability
• 0.005 mg accelerometers Bias in-run stability
• 0.004 deg/sec√Hz gyroscopes noise (PSD)
• 0.025 mg√Hz accelerometers noise (PSD)
• Advanced, extendable, embedded Kalman Filter
• Full temperature calibration of all sensing elements
• Up to 800Hz data rate
• Environmentally sealed (IP67)

Applications for IMU-P

• Antenna and Line of Sight Stabilization Systems
• Passengers trains acceleration / deceleration and jerking systems
• Motion Reference Units (MRU)
• Motion Control Sensors (MCS)
• Gimbals, EOC/IR, platforms orientation and stabilization
• GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)
• Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
• Land vehicles navigation and motion analysis
• Buoy or Racing Boat Motion Monitoring
• UAV & AUV/ROV navigation and control

About Inertial Labs

Inertial Labs is a designer, developer and manufacturer of position and orientation tracking systems based on the combination of inertial sensors with a variety of other sensing technologies. With specific engineering expertise that includes the development of gyroscope technologies, gyro-compass systems, Kalman filter design, and sensor fusion; Inertial Labs engineers combine practical experience with PhD level academic knowledge.


Output signals: Accelerations, Angular rates, Pitch, Roll, Temperature, Synchronization output

Update rate: 1...800 (user settable)

Start-up time: <1 sec

Full Accuracy Data (Warm-up time): 10 sec



Measurement range: +/-450, +/-950 deg/sec

Bandwidth: 50, 200 Hz

Bias in-run stability (Allan Variance, RMS): 3 deg/hr

Bias repeatability (turn-on to turn-on, RMS): 50 deg/hr

Bias instability (in temperature range*, RMS): 100 deg/hr

SF accuracy: 0.02%

Noise density: 0.006 deg/sec/ Hz

Angular random walk: 0.36 deg/ hr

Non-linearity: 0.02%

Axis misalignment: 0.15 mrad



Measurement range: +/-8 g

Bandwidth: 50 Hz

Bias in-run stability (RMS, Allan Variance): 0.01 mg

Bias instability (in temperature range*, RMS) 0.7 mg

SF accuracy: 0.05%

Noise density: 0.03 mg/Hz

Velocity random walk: 0.017 m/sec/hr

Non-linearity: 0.05%

Axis misalignment: 0.1 mrad



Measurement range, Pitch: +/-90 deg

Measurement range, Roll: +/-180 deg

Resolution: 0.01 deg

Static accuracy*, RMS: 0.05 deg

Dynamic accuracy*, RMS: 0.08 deg



Mechanical shock, any direction: 1500 g

Vibration: 7, 5-2000 g, Hz

Operating temperature: -40 to +85 deg C

Storage temperature: -50 to +90 deg C

MTBF (Ground Mobile, operational) 100,000 hours



Supply voltage: 5 to 30 V DC

Power consumption: 0.8 @ 5V Watts

Output Interface: RS-422

Output data format: binary, ASCII characters



Size: 39 x 45 x 22 mm

Weight: 70 gram


*In operational temperature range with 1 degC/minute temperature gradient