AR200 by Air Robot is a VTOL Small Unmanned Aerial System (max TOW 18.5 lbs.) with virtually silent electrical propulsion.

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AR200 by Air Robot is a VTOL Small Unmanned Aerial System (max TOW 18.5 lbs.) with virtually silent electrical propulsion. The primary concept of operation is stealth Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions during day and night operations. Due to its open architecture and nonLproprietary payload mount it can in addition be used as a universal payload carrier for a variety of nonLtraditional sensors like SAR, Hyper Spectrum Cameras, Radar and Ladar and Radio Repeaters developed by third party. The max payload capacity of 7 lbs is unique in the industry and allows for more flexibility in adopting payloads.

AR200 provides unique capability in terms of payload capacity and image quality. Stand off distances of up to 200 m for identifications can be achieved using highLend HD cameras with image stabilization.

AR200 Key Features:

  •  Vertical take off and landing
  • Electrical propulsion for virtually silent operation
  • Hover and stare with “steady eye on target” with hands off functionality
  • Assisted tele operation and waypoint programmed flight
  • Stable close to ground operation at altitudes < 2 ft Out of line of sight flight through video (video game like control for easy learning)
  • Modular Payloads to meet different mission needs e.g. day/night/IR/radiation sensors/high res still cameras and universal payload mount and interface
  • Max. Payload 7.0 lbs.
  • One man operation, vehicle based
  • Collapsible airframe for easy transportation
  • Deployment time < 5 min
  • Gross weight 18.5 lbs. (Unit including battery)
  • 56 lbs. packed including spares and GCS


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AR200 Data Sheet


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Endurance < 45 min
Endurance Future Capability < 2 h
Max. Airspeed 35 mph
Cruise Speed 18 mph
Operating Altitude 2 to 450 ft AGL
Max Altitude 3000 ft
Max climb speed 2 m/s (limited)
Max take off elevation 10000 ft MSL
Electrical Propulsion System
Lithium polymer batteries 30 V / 16 Ah or 30V / 10 Ah interchangeable
Recharging time 2 h min for full capacity
Electrical motors 6 Brushless and gearless
Max. rpm 1800
Environmental limitations
Wind Speed max. 20 - 28 mph (regular operator)
Temperature 30oF –115oF; 100% humidity
Can't operate in Ice and rain
Can't operate with Presence of strong magnetic fields