pingRX ADS-B Receiver

pingRX ADS-B Receiver

pingRX ADS-B Receiver ADS-B helps aircraft operators sense and avoid possible collisions. NextGen ADS-B airspace provides ‘sense and avoid’ between drones and manned aircraft.


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The uAvionix PingRX ADS-B receiver is perfect for small UAV’s. The small, low cost receiver provides the ability for your drone or UAV to sense and avoid other aircraft in the sky. Weighing just a mere 1.5g, the Ping RX ADS-B is small enough to be placed on a wide variety of applications. Beginning in the year 2020, the FAA will mandate that all aircraft within US National Airspace has ADS-B technology onboard, to ensure a safer flight for everyone in the air.

ADS-B technology is used extensively now on manned aircraft, so by miniaturizing the equipment, uAvionix has brought the features and capabilities to unmanned aircraft as well. With its lightweight design and small size, the Ping RX ADS-B has a negligible impact on payload, even on smaller UAV drones. The device itself is capable of detecting any ADS-B compliant aircraft from within an estimated 50KM/31Mile radius.

In July of 2016, uAvionix issued a press statement announcing that they were working together to implement a collision avoidance developer kit. That kit is now available and can be implemented by following the guide located here.

pingRX ADS-B Receiver measures 32mm x 15mm x 3mm, which is a fraction of the size of earlier units. The small footprint and extremely low weight of pingRX results in greatly enhanced situational awareness with almost zero impact on payload and performance.

Note: While the PixHawk is shown in the photos, it is not included in the purchase price of this item. You can purchase the PixHawk separately from Amazon by clicking here.

Cross Platform Support Features

Increased awareness and safe operation in the airspace is not limited to one platform. uAvionix has worked to integrate pingRX with multiple autopilots, ensuring mission success across all applications and software.

DJI Mobile Application

In this picture the pingRX ADS-B data is shown within the DJI Mobile Application.
Click here to learn how to perform this integration with DJI Onboard SDK.

PixHawk Mission Planner

pingRX ADS-B Receiver Features

  • Detects commercial aircraft threats on 1090MHz and 978MHz within a 100 statute mile radius in real time
  • User programmable spherical radius for threat reporting
  • At just 1.5 grams, it implements ‘Sense and Avoid’ for drone operations in the national airspace
  • Direct MAVLink integration with Pixhawk autopilot and APM Mission Planner

PDF’s + Data Sheets

Click here for the pingRX Integration Guide

Click here for the pingRX Quick Start Guide

Click here for the pingRX ADS-B Receiver Data Sheet

Click here for information on how to integrate the PingRx with DJI Products

PingRX Quick Start Guide Video

2 reviews for pingRX ADS-B Receiver

  1. 5 out of 5

    It’s very nice to have the convenience of seeing other aircraft in the airspace. Highly recommend this product to get the job done.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Yep, this does exactly what I need it to. Excellent product – it’s awesome being able to see airliners and other craft on the same display as my drone…

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Technical Specifications - Dimensions

Specification Value
Voltage/Power 4-6V/150mW
Size 30x15x3mm
Weight 1.5 grams
Operating Temperature -40° to +80°C

Technical Specifications - Receive

Specification Value
MTL 1090MHz
Dynamic Range
-71 to 0dBm
MTL 978MHz
Dynamic Range
-90 to -3dBm

Supported Interface

Connector JST ZHR-4 or
Board to Board headers
Interface MavLINK Serial
Data Rate 57600 bps

Electrical Specifications

Pin Type Color
1 Input (5V tolerant) MavLINK RXD Red
2 Output MavLINK TXD Black
3 Power 4-6V Black
4 Ground GND Black