FXYnav-B Precision GPS with Barometer

FXYnav-B Precision GPS with Barometer

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FYXnav-B is a high-integrity GPS navigation source with an integrated barometer.  The FYXnav-B GPS combines a high precision WAAS GNSS sensor with an integrated RAIM processor for resilience against jamming, spoofing, and GPS range errors.   FYXnav-B provides reliable navigation in challenging environments and the integrated high-resolution barometer provides pressure altitude information for use with the Ping ADS-B family.

The Ping mobile application for iOS and Android allows pilots to program their aircraft ICAO, callsign and aircraft type for broadcast over ADS-B.


  • Performs in low sensitivity or high GPS multipath areas.
  • Supports GPS/SBAS GNSS constellations.
  • Battery backup option for fast TTFF.
  • UTC timing output for UAT ADS-B medium synchronization.
  • Integrated RAIM processor for security and integrity protection.
  • Advanced jamming and spoofing detection.
  • Uses SBAS corrections and health messages to detect and correct satellite range errors.
  • Satellite pseudo-range step errors detected and excluded.
  • SBAS fast and long term corrections applied.
  • High-resolution barometer for pressure altitude encoding.


Specification Value
Voltage/Power 4-6V/500mW
Size 42x18mm
Weight 27 grams
Operating Temperature -45° to +70°C
Altitude 25,000′


Specification Value
Sensitivity (Tracking) -166dBm
Sensitivity (Reacquisition) -160dBm
Sensitivity (Cold Start) -148dBm
Sensitivity (Hot Start) -156dBm


Specification Value
Resolution 10cm

Quality Metrics

Specification Value
NACp 11-EPU < 3meters
NACv 1 – 10m/s
SDA 1 – < 1E-3
SIL 1 – < 1E-3
NIC 6 – Rc < 0.5NM

Supported Interfaces

UTCtic 1pps
UART 115200 bps
Protocol uAvionix Binary