RF Low Noise Amplifiers Rugged

  • HILNA CX Broadband Low Noise Amplifier

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    HILNA CX Broadband Low Noise Amplifier is the latest addition to the family of HILNA broadband low noise amplifiers covering C- to X-band frequencies.


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    NuWaves’ HILNA LS is a broadband low noise amplifier that provides very high gain, a high third order intercept point, and a low noise figure from 1 to 3 GHz to boost low-level RF signals in a variety of communications, electronic warfare, and telemetry applications.

  • µHILNA

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    The µHILNA™ operates from 50 MHz to 1500 MHz delivering 20 dB of gain, less than 1 dB of Noise Figure, with an IP3 of +31 dBm.