GPS Compasses

  • Vector H321 GNSS Compass Board

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    Develop sophisticated machine control and navigation solutions in a world full of complex dynamic environments. The Vector H321 is our most advanced GNSS heading and positioning board.

  • Vector V320 GNSS Compass

    Vector V320 GNSS Compass

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    Vector V320 GNSS Compass is the first all-in-one multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS smart antenna, which provides RTK level position and precise heading.

  • Vector V103 and V113 GPS Compass

    Vector V103 and V113 GPS Compass

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    Vector V103 and V113 GPS Compass now with GLONASS, the IMO Wheelmarked Vector V103 and V113  GNSS compass series is known for its superb heading and positioning performance.

  • Vector V102 GPS Compass

    Vector V102 GPS Compass

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    Vector V102 GPS Compass uses SBAS for differential GPS positioning allowing Hemisphere GNSS to provide a highly effective heading and position based smart antenna that out rank any fluxgate compasses.

  • VN360 GPS-Compass

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    The VN-360 GPS-Compass is a surface mount module that provides an accurate, True North heading solution for systems integrators seeking a reliable alternative to magnetic-based sensors.